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All adoption fees go toward the care and protection of the animals. Food and shelter, veterinarian fees, medicine, supplies, toys and training all cost money. You are always free to add a donation over and above the minimum fees we require.

About the Adoption Application and Contract

Please complete the form so that we can make arrangements for you to meet the animal(s) that you are interested in adopting. We will reply as soon as possible.

We’re not trying to put you off…we just want to be sure everyone considering adoption weighs the pros and cons of a pet! Our greatest hope is that they will have a permanent loving family. The reasons for our strict adoption guidelines are two-fold:

1 – To scare off people with bad intentions, like breeders, researchers, or just irresponsible pet owners

2 – To keep track of dogs that we’ve come to love, to make sure they won’t ever have to suffer abandonment, cruelty, or end up in dog pounds

Once pets are adopted from Freetown, we want to be available as support for their entire lives. If an unexpected problem arises, or if your life situation changes, we ask (REQUIRE) that we be notified before he/she is given up, or given away. This is only to ensure that they don’t end up right back in a bad situation, as when they were rescued in the first place.

The adoption process is not intended to be intrusive – or offensive. It’s not personal – we just need to know that we could enforce the contract – only in extreme cases – to protect the well being of the animal. We’re sure a fellow animal lover would understand and agree. We aren’t out to take pets away from loving homes. There are many more we want to help. There are always more animals in desperate need of rescue!

With that in mind, please don’t be put off by all the requirements in the application or contract. LOVE is the number one requirement, and where there is love, we are always willing to compromise. Don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns or questions with us!

After the adoption, we hope that you’ll keep in touch because you want to…and keep us updated via our web and social sites. We want others to share in the happy “tails” of pets being united with loving homes.

Thanks for your interest in providing a happy home for a pet in need!

the Freetown Family

To apply, please email and request a copy of the application form.
If you cannot edit PDFs and do not have a printer/scanner, please use the application as a guide to copy all requested information into the body of an email. Please don’t mail applications – animals get adopted quickly and may already be gone!