Here are some great stories and comments from satisfied Freetown pet adopters…

I just wanted to give you an update on the dog we adopted last year.
Cheyenne seems to LOVE her new home. She has become very accustomed to life as an indoor pet. For the first couple of months, she spent a lot of time hiding on her bed in the corner of our room, or under the dining room table, but she spent a little more time with us each day. Now, she only hides if we have visitors (especially men), or if she wants a little less love from the kids. She also loves to play outside, and has plenty of room to run. She really enjoyed to pool this summer. She prefers to lounge on the stairs to keep cool, but does occasionally swim a lap or two with the kids. She is extremely well behaved in the house. She has only had one accident and she has been very good about knowing which toys are hers and which ones belong to the kids and should be left alone. Her favorite time of the day follows our meal times, because she can check under the table for any “goodies” that may have fallen. She also knows that if I am not watching, the kids will sometimes sneak her a treat. She is a very picky eater, but they have found that she loves bread and pasta.
The kids are always telling her that she is a “lab” dog, not a “lap” dog. She loves to be petted and loved. She still tends to avoid my husband a little, but is beginning to feel more comfortable with him as well. I don’t think that she will ever be brave or that she will ever be totally comfortable around men, but she has come a long way. New people and situations worry her, but she adapts well as long as she has one of us nearby.
I have had dogs ever since I was a child, and have loved every one of them, but Cheyenne has a very special place in my heart. She is so loving and patient. My three year old adores her, and she thinks that Cheyenne is her playmate. That poor dog has endured tea parties, dress up, checkups, and countless other activities without complaint. She is a part of our family and we are so glad that we found her.

Testimonial Erin G and Cheyenne
Erin G and Cheyenne
Yellow Labrador Retriever

I bought the most precious 6 week old puppy from you back in January (01-11-11). He is a black and white pom and his name was Diapers. He has since been renamed Samson. His name is perfect for him because he thinks he is big and mighty even though he is only about 5 pounds. He loves everyone and is very much a mama’s boy. But that is fine with me. He makes all of us laugh with all of his antics and the funny things he does. For instance, he flips his round bed over and gets up underneath it and walks around the kitchen and den. All you can see is the lower part of his legs and feet. It looks like a huge dancing mushroom like in the movie Fantasia. I take him to puppy training classes but we are not very good. He has way too much fun playing with the other puppies and the other people. He has yet to meet a stranger. Everyone he meets falls in love so he gets lots of attention.
Anyway, I just want you to know that he is very loved and very spoiled. I am so thankful that I found him and I think he feels the same way.

Testimonial Linda B and Diapers
Linda B and Diapers

Cookie (now Maylie) has been wonderful. It’s hard to believe that we haven’t had her forever! She got spayed last week and is recovering perfectly. Dr. Sam said that other than just being a little skinny that she’s in great health. She and Ollie love to play and get along so well! She’s only had two “accidents” inside and has learned to sit, lay down, and twirl on her back legs, but we’re still working on stay. She has such good balance! She’s been such a great addition. Thank you so much!

Testimonial Shellie Y and Cookie
Shellie Y and Cookie

Just want to say thank you for the chance to have Dahlia. We have changed her name to Sadie. She is so mellow and sweet; she’s gonna be an awesome dog. She has claimed the lift chair recliner as hers; she’s been laying there since we brought her home! LOL I stopped at the vet you told me about yesterday, thank you for directing me to them. After that we went to Petsmart to get her harness, leash, and comb and set up an appointment to get her groomed. Once home, she immediately went into the tub as she got a little…nope, a lot car sick (it was all over here). She loved the bath, just laid there like okay this is good (LOL)….she didn’t want to eat or drink which initially worried me, but this morning she ate and drank a lot of water. She is coming around–I sat and held her, petting and talking to her, and this morning she isn’t as scared of me. Again, thanks for letting us have her, we will love her and spoil the crap out of her!!!

Testimonial The Saunders and Dahlia
The Saunders and Dahlia
the Labradoodle

Just wanted to give you an update on Willow, who we adopted on Saturday. She is the most adorable puppy ever! I feel so lucky to have gotten her. She is coming into her personality. She slept most of the day Saturday and Sunday. She is now a lot more playful and comfortable with us. Willow has begun to play with our dog Maggie now which has made Maggie a very happy dog. She has been cuddled and loved non-stop
since we first held her. She now likes to return our kisses. Thank you for letting us adopt her.
—(another update on sweet Willow)
I dropped Willow off at the vet to be spayed this morning. Neither one of us was too happy about it. I know it is the best thing but I hate leaving my baby at the vet. I wish I could be with her. As you can tell, Willow has stolen all of our hearts. If I had been the person fostering her, I would have never let her go. Perhaps that is why I don’t foster pets!
I wish you could see how well adjusted and sweet this little dog is. She is doing so much better about going outside and not being afraid. She still gets afraid at night if she hears a loud noise when we are outside. Inside, she is fine. The one thing that Willow cannot do is go up the stairs. I think she is afraid of them. I’m sure in time she
will find the courage to conquer the stairs!

Testimonial The Atkersons and Willow
The Atkersons and Willow
Chinese Crested Dog/Dachshund

I just wanted to give you an update on Sarabi. She is doing AMAZINGLY WELL!! I am so amazed at just how wonderful she really is. She had totally made a spot in our hearts with just the few days we have had her. She has definitely already made herself right at home as well J (she is LOVING my bed)!! She is doing wonderful with our other dog, they even slept cuddled up together last night in my bed!! She is even doing well with my step-father! I caught them snuggled up on the couch last night J I really can’t thank you enough. She is beyond amazing, just like you said she would be. I really don’t think we could be happier. We will definitely be keeping in touch with you guys and sending MANY photos, get ready!!

Testimonial The McMahans and Sarabi
The McMahans and Sarabi
Great Dane

Lovey (now known as Ginger) is doing great. Wanted to let you know that she has settled in and is truly a joy. She loves her kennel and is starting to get an appetite — I was worried for the first few days bc she wasn’t eating much at all but now she really chows down and wow, she’s made a huge turn…eats and drinks well, is bounding around the house playing and following Randy and I everywhere we go. She is scheduled for her second set of shots on Tuesday (according to our estimated birth date of Dec 1 she’ll be 8 weeks on Jan 26). She was 1.2 lbs last Saturday and today the scale read 1.5 so we’re moving in the right direction.
We started training her to use a litter box (no litter yet, just a puppy pad) and she heads straight for it after her naps so very few accidents (although I know it’s the treats that she gets — she jumped in it the other day and just sat there looking at me thinking she’d get a treat for just sitting there!) Her little tag just wags away and already has a favorite toy.
Thanks again for bringing this little blessing to our home (although my cat, Charlie, may not entirely agree, they keep a respectable distance from each other

Testimonial The Ferrons and Lovey
The Ferrons and Lovey

The drive home was soooooo long, but it’s worth it. He’s doing great! His new name is Rio (sounds close enough to Mario) and he’s so adorable. He’s on the floor next to me trying to get me to give him belly rubs. He’s so well tempered around people, we took him to the groomers, they said it would be about 3 hours, but they called us 30 mins after we got home and said he was such a good dog, they were done already! He loves the snow, and we’re going to petsmart on Monday to get him some more toys!

Testimonial Amanda and Mario
Amanda and Mario
Australian Shepherd

I saw them on your PetFinders site tonight. I can tell it was a lot of effort and can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. You are the only rescue agency that has responded to help so far. Many thanks!

Testimonial James
Fostering strays and finding homes through us

Hello, from Christina and Keystop!
We just wanted to check in and let you know all is well.
Keystop is SO BIG! I wish you could see how well he is doing, but I recently looked at your adoptables and know you are so busy. I wish I could help you guys with all those poor dogs needing homes.
Keystop is so comfortable and happy. He always seems eager to please, but I would no longer call him meek. He thankfully is still my little cuddle bug, and loves to curl up in my lap. Unfortunately I think he is about 70lbs(I could no longer get him on the scales when he reached 60lbs) and is to big to carry, LOL.
I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be a Mother to Keystop. He means so much to me.
Love always,

Testimonial Christina T and Keystop
Christina T and Keystop
(a.k.a KeyKey

There is a family who sounds great for Smokey; they hope to come meet him next week. Bandit is currently with another family (one that filled out an application with you) for a ‘get-to-know-you’ trial period. Hopefully it is going well for them and for Bandit…we’ll find out soon. Thanks again for your help; we will keep in touch as they hopefully get settled into new homes that will be able to give them the time they deserve.

Testimonial Tim and Arinne
Tim and Arinne
Loving owners finding homes for their two Bassett Hounds through us

I just wanted to give you an update on Bentley. He is adjusting well and is socializing with the others. He and Jasper fell asleep on the bed in front of the fireplace last night after playing tug of war with the rope toy I gave him. He has been using the puppy pads I put down in the kitchen (no accidents so far) and is very happy in his new home. He has already become a bed buddy and a bit of a pillow hog : ) I can’t thank you enough for blessing me with such a sweet little boy.

Testimonial Bazet C and Bently
Bazet C and Bently

Here are a few pictures of Tink being comfy! She seems to be right at home now. She is definitely a lap dog she is in my lap 95% of the time and if I move so does she. Got her a dog bed that she refuses to use she would rather get under the sheets hehe. She has already learned high five, paw, down, and night night… it is so cute when you say night night she curls up and sticks her nose between her paws! We are still working on sit she will sit and then put her feet in the air and she looks like a rabbit. She got all her shots and heart worm today. Going back in a few weeks for booster and spaying and going to get her teeth cleaned next month approximately. Thank you so much and email or call if you need some help around there I have a lot of free time and would love to play with dogs all day.

Testimonial Ashley L and Tink
Ashley L and Tink

Hi, he has been doing great! He is a little nervous and he doesn’t know what to make of all of the cars going by outside but as long as there is a lap nearby to snuggle in he is happy! He LOVES his crate and would happily sleep in it most of the day. We’ve decided to name him Alistair which seems to fit his serious, deliberate nature. Thank you so much for rescuing him!

Testimonial Laura and Tom
Laura and Tom
Schnauzer mix

Our new doggie is a dream come true.
We have renamed her Maggie.
She LOVES the snow. It’s up to her little chest here and she sticks her nose in it and then rolls.
Last night she slept from about 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. without a peep.
She’s using the puppy pads consistently and piddling outside about every 3rd walk.
Not too shabby for one so young.
We are loving her and she us and we are grateful to have her.

Testimonial Leslie M and Maggie
Leslie M and Maggie
Border Collie/Pomeranian Mix

Cheyenne is doing so well. She is very happy to be inside where it is warm. She has been staying on her bed a lot, but seems to be very relaxed. She gets up occasionally to investigate the house and new surroundings. Her biggest challenge was being coaxed to go outside, but she is doing much better. She has explored the yard a little (she found some birds that are fun to chase), but comes back us when we call her (and offer a treat). She is such a sweetheart – I think that she is going to be a great addition to the family. Please know that she is getting a lot of love and attention. I am so happy that you found her and made her available to us.

Testimonial The Gitteres and Cheyenne
The Gitteres and Cheyenne
Labrador Retriever

I had been searching for a dog for several weeks when I found an adorable puppy on craigslist. I emailed and Jessica responded right away with great information on the puppy. She set up a time to meet me and he had the best personality. I have had him for 3 weeks now and couldn’t be happier. He is growing physically and mentally everyday. I am so blessed to have Freetown Sanctuary assist in the rescue of my beautiful pup, Tucker!

Testimonial Shannon Gregory and Tucker
Shannon Gregory and Tucker
Portuguese Water Dog mix

I am so happy. He looks so happy; I started to cry when I saw the photo.
Thank you so much for finding him a wonderful home.

Testimonial Wendy Land Reggie
Wendy Land Reggie
German Shepherd Mix

We ended up naming her Ellie Mae. She is doing great. She seems to be very comfortable with her new home and our dog Peyton. She is now running around the yard and picking up a little weight. Peyton has recently accepted her. Each day they seem to become closer to each other.

Testimonial Dustin G and Ellie Mae
Dustin G and Ellie Mae
Siberian Husky Mix

We are very much adoring Duke! He is doing very well and Mimi loves him. It took a couple of days for her to realize he was her buddy but they are great friends now and enjoy running around in circles in the backyard. Duke is much faster than Mimi. I think Duke was really feeling homesick for awhile missing you and his sleeping buddy (your husband) and just laid on the couch but he has cheered up now and is very bouncy and happy. I made him a big pillow to sleep on and he is snoozing right now. Also, Duke is learning to sit. He sometimes decides to lay down instead of sitting but he is very smart and is catching on quick. We decided to stay home for our vacation and spend time with him. Since he is adjusting well to the house, we are going to go camping tomorrow and take the dogs. He has become very attached to me and follows me everywhere so I think he will enjoy it as long as I am around. He also doesn’t mind my husbands music when he has band practice. I think he is still getting adjusted but in the next month or two, he will feel right at home. I will keep you updated and attached some pictures.
Thanks for the great puppy dog!

Testimonial The Egnors and Duke
The Egnors and Duke
Great Dane

Hi! Got home last night about 9:00 the car ride went so well he slept the entire time not a peep out of him. He’s fine about the cat right now but isn’t yet comfy with our dog. He just growls and growls and growls. Mirabell just lays down and looks at him like “see I’m a good girl I won’t hurt you” I’m sure it will just take a bit of time. He’s scared and there’s a lot of “new”. He slept great here in my sons bed. My son was at grandmas so I slept in here with him. He curled up and stayed that way from 10:30 till around 7:30!!!! He seems like he’s going to be happy just to lay around and cuddle most of the day. I have a feeling that both him and the cat are going to have to get along quickly as both like to be stuck to me like Velcro!!! The cat even came in by us to sleep for a while last night. I think his want to be with me over ruled his unease with the new pup. The kids met him this morning, both of them squealed with delight saying “ he’s so cute!” he was very good with them, I think he’s very much a people dog!! Totally perfect as my kids love to cuddle just as much as he does!!! My daughter reached out and pet him looked up at me and said oh, he has no fur! Then shrugged her shoulders and said in a baby talk voice to him “well that’s ok your still the cutest little dog I’ve ever seen. My son didn’t say a word just sat down pulled him into his lap and gave him hugs n kisses. We are a family of animal lovers!!!
Thanks again for him!

Testimonial Krista G and Stardust
Krista G and Stardust
Chinese Crested Dog

Oh my gosh! We love this little guy so much! I have sang your praises to everyone I’ve been in contact with. All those little creatures living so happily together. Y’all are so special for all that you do. I know there is a special place in heaven for you folks. I will send pics as soon as I make it back home and often. Just love little Fenvid! He’s such a litle lover and got so excited today when he saw a cat. The first time we heard him bark! Thanks again!!

Testimonial The Ruthefords and Fenvid
The Ruthefords and Fenvid

I appreciate you letting me get Laila, it is hard NOT to like her. She is definitely a people dog. I’m afraid LD is pestering the heck out of her, constantly nudging or biting her back leg to get her to play. Hopefully in a week or so he will calm down a bit. He is so excited. They are wrestling on the bed as I type. I was hoping they’d be worn out when I got home.
I admire the job you all do. Laila is such a happy dog. If I did it, I don’t think I could let any go.

Testimonial Karen and Laila
Karen and Laila
Great Dane/Collie mix

She is adjusting beautifully. She is absolutely PERFECT!!! We all just LOVE her. Sasha has taken to me, as I have to her. She snuggles up next to me in the bed and doesn’t budge an inch. We sleep soundly all night long. She loves being in the back yard, chasing balls with the kids, and just being on my lap. Again, she is just perfect. I am in love with this little girl. She is a PERFECT match You do not have to worry for one second about her. She has definitely met her family. I have found my sidekick This is forever. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in her.
Thank you for everything that you do. You “Clearly” have a huge heart, given all you do for these animals, and they are lucky to have you and your family. My son asked me as soon as I walked in the door if I gave you his donation…

Testimonial The Vances and Sasha
The Vances and Sasha
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso

Abbott, now known as Lebo, is doing well and gaining weight! He is turning out to be a really good listener. We have only had a couple of accidents while he has been in the house and he is beginning to get the hang of his potty break schedules. The only real problem we are having is that our daughter, Sadie, wants to carry him EVERYWHERE! We figure it will stop once he grows too big for her and that will be soon enough.
Betsy Driver

Testimonial The Drivers and Lebo
The Drivers and Lebo
Golden Retriever

Hello, I just wanted to let you know Doug made it home last night. He is an amazing dog and we are enjoying him immensely. Our son and I slept in the living room on the floor with him last night. He is now resting in his crate in the living room.
Thank you so much for your help bringing Doug to his new home. Once again I can’t say it enough, he is an amazing dog and we are lucky to have him in our family.

Testimonial The Ruffs and Doug
The Ruffs and Doug
Basset Hound/Dachshund mix

Annie had a great trip home. She slept in her kennel as if she’d been there all along! Never made a sound. She was great on breaks – very good with the bathrooming and so cute to play with! She’s so smart! We were anxious to get her home so we could snuggle with her more. Things are going well so far with the cats. We set up a baby play yard in the living room so they could approach her from outside of it and do some sniffing and spying on their own. They seem to think she’s just like our former dog and they got along great with him. They are glad we got them a puppy.
Annie has her own little pink house. We put a blanket in a dollhouse and she already went in to check it out. She’s sleeping now in a crate up in the kids’ room. She would much rather be in their beds I’m sure. They are in thrilled! The friends who were taking care of our cats this morning, surprised us with a puppy bed that they made and some chew toys. Everyone is excited about her. I hope she likes attention! We were going to name her Lassie but I think the name Annie is going to stick. It suits her!
You don’t have to twist our arms to come to Tennessee! We love Nashville and the rolling hills / mountains in the farm country. Your place is so great. It reminds me of my Grandma’s farm in Minnesota. The dogs were all so nice and just before we left, Annie and the two others that were out there (Laila and the one that looks like Buster from Toy Story 2), were all kissing each other – kind of like they were saying, “See ya, Buddy!” It was adorable. Wish I had taken video of that!

Thanks again!

Testimonial The Murrays and Annie
The Murrays and Annie

Shayla has adjusted quite well to the family. She loves to play, and has the most gentle bite of any dog I’ve ever seen. When she runs the toys literally fall out of her mouth four to five times before she even gets them back to us. Even a tennis ball that fits easily in her mouth flys out. If you sit on the floor you’re fair game and she jumps
all over you, unless you are the baby of course.
Meag thinks that Kai and Shayla scheme together to be mischievous and make her days more stressful…that may actually be true. She is very very good with Kai. Aside from occasionally bumping into him and knocking him down, they get along great. One of the pictures attached is a picture of when Meagan put Kai down on the blankets to sleep, and she curled up right around him. Kai can get a little rough with her at times, but she’s never shown any sort of aggression, and she really
does love him.

Testimonial The Snooks and Shayla
The Snooks and Shayla
Great Dane mix

She’s a perfect dog. Once we got home she was immediately at my kid’s feet and in the house..once she checked out every room she picked her spot behind my husband’s chair where she stays now..it’s hers! She’s fine with the chickens-went after them a little and snapped once so she got a light cuff and stopped in her tracks. She’s so smart-ran into the electric fence not paying attention so instead of running back through it she jumped over it-it’s low for the chickens.The kids are playing ball with her when she’s awake which isn’t much and she had her first bath since her first Girl Scout meeting is today and has to be primped before she goes. Ethan who has never been crazy about dogs has declared her his puppy; other than puppy accidents on the floor, which are still mine.
Will keep in touch, but she’s a lifer here now!

Testimonial The Buehler Family and Louise
The Buehler Family and Louise
American Stafforshire Terrier mix

Just a note to let you know Buddy is adjusting very well to his new home. On the way home, it was hilarious; we went through a drive-thru window at Sonic. Obviously, Buddy has been through drive-thru windows before. The whole time Jeff was ordering, he was licking Jeff’s neck like “Don’t forget me!” and, of course, we got him a burger. Once home, he had been lying politely on the floor while Jeff was watching TV. As soon as Jeff said, “Wanna come up here and sit with me?”, he jumped on that couch in a split second and slept there all night. He’s a real sweetheart.

Testimonial The Damrons and Buddy
The Damrons and Buddy
Golden Retriever

Java, now known as Kiera is doing great. She and my Golden Chow, Poncho are the best of buddies. She is getting used to her life in her new family. My daughters have been great about shouldering some of the responsibilities in taking care of
a new pup. She is understanding house training and we are getting used to her signals and routine for needing to go outside. She walks very nicely on a leash around our neighborhood. We have taken both dogs to the dog park several times to meet and greet other dogs and have found her to be very outgoing, social and playful with other dogs that she has just met. Some funny things that you might enjoy knowing about Kiera are that she is a total bed hog!! Not even my pillow is safe. She sleeps every night in the bed curled up right next to me under the covers. She actually likes to take showers. I have to close and lock the bathroom door in the morning if I don’t want a “buddy” in the shower with me. I have found her to be even more cold natured than me (I’m always wearing a sweatshirt once the temperature is below 55 degrees) She curls up right in front of the space heater and stays there. If I thought she wouldn’t totally annihilate a doggie sweater I’d get her one but since she has a fascination with yarn and unraveling things that I knit we’ll have to wait on that. (If you happen to know a well made dog coat let me know
and we’ll get her one for next year.) I spoke with someone at the dog park that owns 2 beautiful Great Danes
and she highly recommended a vet here in town. She is Dr. Hebert and she owns All Creatures Vet Clinic. She owns Danes herself as pets. Keep up the great work that you do. We love our new puppy Kiera.

Testimonial Kristin P and Kiera
Kristin P and Kiera
Great Dane mix

Mira my Chihuahua/mix is still eying them once in a while, but seems to have accepted the fact that Kaya and Dori are determined to follow her around the house; not sure, but I almost think they consider Mira a puppy! Mira is being very regal about it, giving them a look now and then if the crowd her too much. It looks funny as anything.
Right now they are napping on a doggy pillow next to me while I take care of my emails. … or rather 1/2 curled around my feet and 1/2 on the pillow. I have very toasty puppy warm feet right now.
Thank you so much for letting us adopt Kaya and Dori!
Note: Kaya and Dori now live with their family in Germany…our first international rescues!

Testimonial Heike & the rest of the Giedke Family; Kaya and Dori
Heike & the rest of the Giedke Family; Kaya and Dori
Chocolate and Black Labs

Thank you…Lucy is wonderful and thriving. It’s so funny when she has the hiccups or talks in grunts and moans! THINKS SHE’S A LAPDOG…loves to get kisses and give them too!!! I bought one thing for myself at Petco….a magnetic truck sticker that says Who Rescued Who? I truly feel she is the best gift in the whole world. She has really grown and plays with the other Dane in the neighborhood, Bailey. She loves everyone, including the neighborhood cat and resident Beagle, Ariel (our neighborhood consist of 15 dogs 2 cats). Lucy Anne feels so at home here and all the animals love her. My best friend’s dog Jake, for his tender 10 years, has fell in love with a younger girl…Lucy flirts like no other with Jake. I would say that this is one of the best things in my life (Lucy Anne); we go together like peas and carrots..Thank you for letting her adopt me!!!

Testimonial Lisa Majors and Lucy
Lisa Majors and Lucy
Great Dane mix

We have been adopting dogs from Debbie Walker for many years….most of them when the Freetown Sanctuary was just in her dreams. We recently adopted a beautiful black labrador retriever named Norman, and he is just perfect! He is our 5th adoption from Debbie. She has a loving heart for all animals, and we wish her the best of luck with her endeavors!

Testimonial LeRoy and Sheila M; Norman
LeRoy and Sheila M; Norman
Black Labrador mix

Freetown Farm Sanctuary is a wonderful place for rescues. I know for a fact the Debbie loves and treats well every animal that comes her way, even those she helps just by looking to save a life. I have adopted one of her puppies and just love what personality he’s added to my home. I support her in every way possible. Please do what you can. She’s true in her heart with what she does. I also have found that the Flint River dog food is really a natural way to feed your loved ones. Both my dogs like it very much!

Testimonial Julie G and Brooks
Julie G and Brooks
Great Pyrenees mix

Just wanted you to know that Jacob named the puppy Tank, and appropriately by the way he is growing. We think he is absolutely beautiful, and smart too. He also loves to cuddle with us on the couch and give kisses. Can you believe he is already potty trained?? He stands by the door when he has to go. We just love him!! Jacob and I are taking him to obedience classes starting Tuesday, we think he will love it and do great (he already sits on command). Thank you again for everything and we will keep you updated on his continued progress.

Testimonial Rachel Y and Tank
Rachel Y and Tank
Great Dane mix